Canned Beach / Talmud Heat 7.3.2014

Canned Heat, supp. by Talmud Beach

30.05. Jyväskylä, Lutakko


Talmud Beach live in France 20.2.2014

In March Talmud Beach are going to leave their Highway-5 for La Route National 7...
First live dates in France
are coming up for these "minimalist, desert-dry swingers which sound like a Krautrock-informed Canned Heat" (Kieron Tyler/The  Arts Desk, UK): event on facebook

20.03. Evreux, L'Abordage
21.03. Beauvais, Blues Autour Du Zinc @ La Maladrerie Saint-Lazare
22.03. Beauvais, Blues Autour Du Zinc @ La Part des Anges
24.03. Paris, La Mécanique Ondulatoire
25.03. Limoges, Le Phare
26.03. Bayonne, Le Magneto
27.03. Tours, Le Temp Machine
28.03. Alençon, La Luciole
29.03. Le Havre, Le Tetris

This is how their Time on Highway 5 looked like:

Mikko Joensuu 1685 : Land Of Darkness Shines Bright 19.2.2014

It's been more then 1685 days after the release of the amazing debut album of his former band Joensuu 1685, that singer Mikko Joensuu gonna share a first recording of his solo work with the world  It's a 2 track EP released March, 07. by the friendly colleagues at Fullsteam Records. Land Of Darkness is a beautiful, slow building up hymn.

A good moment to share once again another great one from the Joensuu 1685 debut album, we've released in 2008.

You can get Mikko Joensuu vinyl at recordshopx and Joensuu 1685 debut album, eg. crystal clear vinyl at Boneshop. (both ship worldwide)

Stereo 8000 ...sella 17.2.2014

Anssi 8000 & Maria Stereo had a blast on their Helsinki record release party at Bar Loose. Thanks or joining and for those early birds who picked up their album copy at the merch booth, where "Stereo 8000" have been sold out quickly. The album will be in shops in Finland this Friday, 21.02.2014. Or you can order your CD right away at our Boneshop and get it with the mail, in time for your next house/garden party:  Best Case Scenario


New album by Mirel Wagner worldwide on Sub Pop 4.2.2014

Ok, now  it's out of the box, official and we  can spread the news. The good news. Mirel Wagner has finished her sophomore album and it will be released by the US colleagues of Sub Pop Records, worldwide this summer.  Read the news over there.

Release in Stereo: 15.02./ 21.02. 23.1.2014

A few months ago, we shared the wonderful fact that Anssi 8000 & Maria Stereo end their musical hiatus and come up with a new album and  concerts. Today, we return with the good news about the release date. The album is entitled Stereo 8000,  same like they call their Duo from now on, and will be available 21.02. in all the good record stores in Finland  

A week earlier, on 15.02. you could already get a copy from Maria or Anssi personally, when the Sahalahti Tandem will play and party the release in Helsinki's finest Bar Loose. If you are not in Helsinki, don't worry. Sooner or  later they gonna stop by near you, eg. on the following live dates (together with Panssarijuna) 14.03. Turku, Dynamo  / 15.03.Tampere,Telakka / 17.04. Helsinki, LeBonk
and there are more in preperation:


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