Mushmouthed Talk

Mushmouthed Talk are three young men from the streets of Oulu. And with the help of some more men/women they've recorded a crunchy little album, sweet and rocking. Highly touch sensitive honey-overdrive with subtle nutty undertones.

Foggy Notion is their debut a-bum.  Actually, their have been Mushmouthed Talk before Mushmouthed Talk. There were even some selfrecorded and selfreleased CD-Rs. But what we have here is the fresh thing. the new incarnation, starting mid summer 2012, though tracing back to 2006. It was then in Oulu when the friends Joonas Manninen and Lauri Sukanen felt this urge to starting a band. First music was duo based garagerock but soon, in search for additional noises, bleeps and blonks they've tried to add some electronic stuff to it and their music turned into a mix between electronica and rock, still as a duo.
After few years of hazzleing with electronix and a first self released album, "Spinning God", the guys wanted to do some more organic stuff, classy and less sophisticated in sound and less complicated in bringing it to the stage. So they really had to learn how to rock and roll and also how to play quiet at times. Their electronics had to go and a bassplayer had to be found for the most classy rock set-up, the trio. After a few bassplayers,more  touring in the south of Finland and another selfreleased minialbum, entitled "We Both Like Motörhead" finally summer of 2012 Miika joined in with bass and since then Mushmouthed Talk been making new songs and playing gigs around finland.

In fall 2012 it was about time to get some of the fresh songs on tape. So they've rushed into the Wolfbeat Studio and made a short session with producer Pentti Amore, and some additional friends, as they were also after some dirty keyboardsounds and loose background choirs. And here it is, a now-celebration of what has been proofed good in the past.

Interview Nuorgam style (in finnish)